01 / Czech product

We are the first company, who got the idea of bringing the amazing feature of goat colostrum to customers. Within 2 years we developed together with several research institutions a gentle method of processing first milk into the final product. This method is registered in the Czech Republic and protected by utility model nr. UV 24712.

We source colostrum from more than

150 farms

02 /No pasteurization

We do not pasteurize, defrost, defat, add or remove any compounds to the drawn colostrum. That’s how we preserve all the natural characteristics in the final product. We are convinced that nature invented everything the best possible way and exceptional effects can be offered only by pure natural products.


03 /Lyophilization

Goat colostrum is processed by a unique freeze-drying method called lyophilization. In contrast to other drying methods such as spray drying, where colostrum compounds may be degraded, lyophilization does not affect the natural characteristics of colostrum. All its active compounds remain unchanged.

04 / Ethic approach

Mlezivo od kozí mámy je pro zdraví kůzlat nepostradatelné. Kolostrum proto odebíráme až poté, co se narozená kůzlata mateřského mléka dosyta napijí. Dbáme však na to, abychom kolostrum odebrali do 12 hodin od porodu, kdy má nejvyšší možnou kvalitu.


05 / Combining

The colostrum is collected from goats, which graze on farm pastures with variable vegetation. All herbs, twigs and tree bark give the goat colostrum its unique characteristics. Colostrum Betula is combined from up to 4 different farms in order to contain as many active compounds as possible.

06 / Supporting farmers

Zdraví koz a kvalitu kozího mléka zásadně ovlivňují podmínky chovu. Proto spolupracujeme s českými, slovenskými a polskými farmami, kde se kozy mají dobře a užívají si pastvin ve volném výběhu. Veškeré odebrané mlezivo z farem mikrobiologicky testujeme, čímž kontrolujeme jeho kvalitu.

Betula Betula Betula

06 / Scientific research

Together with universities, research institutions and academy of sciences we work on the colostrum survey. Not only we support the science, but we also want to keep up with the current findings, so we can do our job even better. We cooperate with University of chemistry and technology in Prague, University of veterinary and pharmaceutical sciences in Brno, Diary research institution and with the Czech Academy of Sciences.

07 / Certification

We hold several certifications that guarantee the quality of our products: HACCP, FDA, Kosher certificate and currently we are undergoing the ISO certification.