Colostrum is known as the first milk produced by female mammals in late pregnancy and right after giving birth. This unique substance is high in nutrients and antibodies, which are very important for developing newborn’s healthy and strong immune system.

You and your entire family including children can easily enjoy all the health benefits that colostrum offers in very easy and convenient way, thanks to our gentle production of high quality vegetarian colostrum capsules. In colostrum remain all biologically active substances such as immunoglobulins, lactoferrin, cytokines, vitamins, minerals, growth factors, interferon, phytochemicals and many others.

Colostrum helps strenghten our immune system. It also facilitates and shortens treatment of many diseases such as cold, infection of the upper and lower respiratory tract, asthma, chronic bronchitis, autoimmune disease, borreliosis, aphthous or herpes. And that’s not all – it supports healing process after surgery or injury and convalescence after oncology treatment.

It’s perfect supplement for athletes since it maintains the immune system even at great physical stress.

goat colostrum

In Czech language, there’s an expression “to be faddy as a goat”. Goats’ diet varies. Goats don’t eat just grass, shrub or woody plants. They consume around sixty different kinds of herbs and other plants.

Because of the picky tongue, goat’s colostrum is considered to be one of the most unique sorts of first milk in the world. It consists of dozens of unique active compounds. That’s why goats are one of the healthiest animal breeds. In contrary to cows, goats are raised in the most natural way – on pasture. First milk of healthy and happy animals that are living in natural conditions is richer in active compounds.



This product consists of two types of quality first milk: 30% goat milk and 70% cow milk. Each capsule combines a premium quality goat’s first milk and cow’s first milk. It contains several bioactive compounds, which significantly support health and which enhance disease treatment and healing of wounds or injuries.

It is the best compromise of combining the unique characteristics of goat’s first milk and the availability of the cow’s first milk. Thanks to the goat’s first milk ratio, the combi colostrum gains a share of the unique nutrients, which are not contained in the cow’s first milk.


Cow colostrum

The capsules are filled with high quality and carefully selected cow colostrum. Thanks to the bioactive compounds, cow colostrum strengthens immunity, serves as a prevention of many diseases and provides support during treatment. It also supports healing wounds and injuries. However, this product is not suitable for people with lactose intolerance.


How do we process colostrum?

We fill colostrum into vegan capsules, so you, as well as your children, can enjoy its benefits. The first milk keeps all of its bioactive compounds in its concentrated form.

How does colostrum help?

Colostrum helps humans to strengthen their immunity system. It also significantly facilitates and shortens the process of healing from many diseases, such as flu, cold, upper and lower respiratory tract infection, asthma, chronic bronchitis, autoimmune diseases, lyme disease, aphtha or herpes. Moreover, it supports the process of healing injuries, after surgery condition and it also enhance recovery from an oncology treatment.

Colostrum is also valued by sportsmen for keeping their immunity up during high physical strain.

Frequently asked questions

Colostrum is suitable for long-term taking.
Colostrum is suitable also for children under 3 years, it is absolutely safe. Many of our customers buy colostrum particularly for small children, as it is a purely natural product without side effects. However, for legislative and procedural reasons, we are forced to include the “Not suitable for children under 3 years” statement on the product label.
Can women take colostrum during pregnancy?
It is not possible to overdose on colostrum, as it is purely natural product free of chemical compounds
Goat colostrum is a purely natural product free of chemical compounds. No side effects were reported to us.
Our product is 100% pure colostrum, processed by dry freezing and free of chemical compounds. Therefore it is safe to use with other medication. On the other hand some medications may decrease the effectivity of colostrum and we therefore recommend using it separately. Contact us for more information.
It is necessary to test reaction to colostrum if you are highly sensitive to milk protein. Colostrum is generally well tolerated by people with allergy to milk protein, because it is free of milk protein or it only contains its tiny quantity. People with intolerance to lactose don’t experience any problems when taking colostrum, as the amount of lactose in colostrum is inconsiderable.