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Jitka Slánská

I need to say, it’s most likely thanks to the colostrum, that me and my children aren’t sick. Both of my kids are going to the kindergarten and they manage well. It’s a miracle especially with my son that he is not getting sick, he eats at the school l and he is just fine. He didn’t want to eat in spring, but almost everything is all right now.

Irena Krajcová

I didn’t expect to get this much information from a doctor by email. I had read a lot about these kinds of things, but somehow haven’t got the right impulse yet… or more likely I haven’t considered it the right beginning. I believe that together with you I will make it to the good ending. I appreciate your help very much. In the modern hectic era there are just few of such pleasant occurrences.

Ing. Kateřina Žaloudková

Thank you very much for your approach, reactions as well as communication with Dr. Gocal. I was positively surprised by your approach and speedy communication.

Veronika Horváth


My daughter is 2,5 years old.  She’s been using colostrum for about 5 months now, one capsule a day. So far we have great results. Before that she was often suffering from pneumonia and bronchial pneumonia.

JUDr. Jiřina Palková

I’d like to thank you again for your kindness and helpfulness. We have the best experience with colostrum. We can see especially by children in kindergarten age, that using colostrum has helped to decrease the sickness rate. And when they do get sick, it usually goes smoother. And adults, thanks to colostrum, have built immunity against those “kindergarten” illnesses.

Svatopluk Fořt

After nearly a year that we found out about colostrum from Petr Konečný and started using it, I want to give you the feedback I promised. Our son (now 7 years) was suffering from periodic fever. According to your advice, we started giving him one capsule a day. And the fever didn’t appear since then! Before, it kept coming back every two to three weeks. Because our son comes from twins, we started giving colostrum also to his sister. They both take it continuously throughout the year with exception of two summer months and they haven’t been sick since! It’s unbelievable.

Dalibor a Hana Zachovalovi

I and my wife decided to try your product when she was suffering from cold the whole autumn and winter period for two years in a row. We were using tones of Olynth and similar products with no result. Our friend Petra recommended us to try goat colostrum. I have to admit I was quite skeptical towards it. But the result was better than any expectation. My wife got rid of the problem within 10 days! Since then she’s using colostrum on daily bases and if se any problems occur, she takes two capsules a day. I also need to mention that I was advised to use colostrum after a long lasting bronchitis and the positive result arrived within just a week! Now we take colostrum with cold, illnesses (flu, etc.) and overall as a boost with any health difficulties. So you gained two true fans of your product! We already recommended colostrum to our friends. Thank you!

Petra Batelková


I started using the goat colostrum in the first trimester of my pregnancy as prevention and as a booster to my immunity. I’ve seen its positive results of a colleague of mine. My son is now more than 6 months old and I haven’t been sick even once. I felt the flu coming on twice, so I took higher doses of the colostrum and it helped within two or three days to get rid of any symptoms. At most I had a runny nose. I also realized that taking colostrum helps me to be less tired, which I absolutely appreciate when taking everyday care of my baby. My father was taking colostrum during winter season and he was happy to realize that his repeated inflammation of nasopharynx was gone. And my husband experienced also, that if taking higher dose of colostrum from the second day of cold, it goes significantly milder and he recovers sooner. Overall I can confirm that colostrum has a positive impact on my immunity and health condition of my close ones and I definitely recommend everyone to try it.

Ing. Pavla Holubová

Fifteen years ago I suffered from leukopenia, after being treated for tuberculosis. I have been struggling with frequent cold, cough and other illnesses for years. When searching a way, how to improve my health condition and strengthen my immune system, bit by bit, I became interested in natural ways of treatment and in various alternative methods. Taking colostrum is one of the most effective ways of enhancing immunity. The first time I had a chance to try colostrum was when I was suffering from kidney inflammation followed by sepsis. I was lying in hospital in intensive care unit in a fairly bad condition, receiving intravenous antibiotics. The illness as well as the chosen treatment made me weak. I only had 33 kg when I was released from the hospital care. I could hardly walk, but step by step I started building up my weakened immunity and improving digestion. I started using goat colostrum and after I finished taking it, I felt overall much better. I got more appetite, more energy and also haven’t got flu for quite some time. The thing I like about colostrum is that as a natural product it has no side effects. It can be taken by people suffering from autoimmune disease, because it also helps to optimize the immune system. A preventive cure twice a year – in spring and autumn – is definitely beneficial to everyone’s health.

Andrea Jelínková

The goat milk colostrum from Betula Pendula has become a true companion of our four member family within the last four years. I take it always when I’m not feeling well and when my favorite natural medicine, the fruit based spirit, doesn’t work. Although I don’t use it – except for in the winter – regularly, having allergy for years, colostrum does decrease some of the negative symptoms of civilization diseases. Luckily, I also managed to convince our children (aged 10 and 13) of the positive impacts of colostrum. They are nearly never missing at school, where they surprisingly love to go. That says it all. I definitely recommend everyone to keep colostrum in their fridge.