Dalibor a Hana Zachovalovi

I and my wife decided to try your product when she was suffering from cold the whole autumn and winter period for two years in a row. We were using tones of Olynth and similar products with no result. Our friend Petra recommended us to try goat colostrum. I have to admit I was quite skeptical towards it. But the result was better than any expectation. My wife got rid of the problem within 10 days! Since then she’s using colostrum on daily bases and if se any problems occur, she takes two capsules a day. I also need to mention that I was advised to use colostrum after a long lasting bronchitis and the positive result arrived within just a week! Now we take colostrum with cold, illnesses (flu, etc.) and overall as a boost with any health difficulties. So you gained two true fans of your product! We already recommended colostrum to our friends. Thank you!