Ing. Pavla Holubová

Fifteen years ago I suffered from leukopenia, after being treated for tuberculosis. I have been struggling with frequent cold, cough and other illnesses for years. When searching a way, how to improve my health condition and strengthen my immune system, bit by bit, I became interested in natural ways of treatment and in various alternative methods. Taking colostrum is one of the most effective ways of enhancing immunity. The first time I had a chance to try colostrum was when I was suffering from kidney inflammation followed by sepsis. I was lying in hospital in intensive care unit in a fairly bad condition, receiving intravenous antibiotics. The illness as well as the chosen treatment made me weak. I only had 33 kg when I was released from the hospital care. I could hardly walk, but step by step I started building up my weakened immunity and improving digestion. I started using goat colostrum and after I finished taking it, I felt overall much better. I got more appetite, more energy and also haven’t got flu for quite some time. The thing I like about colostrum is that as a natural product it has no side effects. It can be taken by people suffering from autoimmune disease, because it also helps to optimize the immune system. A preventive cure twice a year – in spring and autumn – is definitely beneficial to everyone’s health.