Petra Batelková


I started using the goat colostrum in the first trimester of my pregnancy as prevention and as a booster to my immunity. I’ve seen its positive results of a colleague of mine. My son is now more than 6 months old and I haven’t been sick even once. I felt the flu coming on twice, so I took higher doses of the colostrum and it helped within two or three days to get rid of any symptoms. At most I had a runny nose. I also realized that taking colostrum helps me to be less tired, which I absolutely appreciate when taking everyday care of my baby. My father was taking colostrum during winter season and he was happy to realize that his repeated inflammation of nasopharynx was gone. And my husband experienced also, that if taking higher dose of colostrum from the second day of cold, it goes significantly milder and he recovers sooner. Overall I can confirm that colostrum has a positive impact on my immunity and health condition of my close ones and I definitely recommend everyone to try it.